Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Don't Bother Me

Don't Bother Me
With souls to save.
I have my own agenda.
There's school to do,
Sports to play,
Important stuff to attend to.

Don't bother me
With my friend at work.
He's got his own religion.
I don't have time
to change his mind.
He'll make his own decision.

Don't bother me
With that little girl,
That girl playing in the street.
She's much too young
To understand
The Savior she could meet.

Don't bother me
With sounds I hear.
The sounds of people shrieking.
Although I wonder who they are,
Who are these people screaming?

Don't bother me
With who they are
I really don't want the blame.

Cause it's my friend
And the little girl
Who, from hell,
scream out my name.

(Author Unknown)


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