Sunday, December 05, 2010

Rebecca Ferguson sings Amazing Grace – The X Factor Live Semi-Final

Looking at my twitter feeds this morning , I found this very interesting link about this contestant at the X-Factor UK. Rebecca Ferguson is singing Amazing Grace at the Semi-Finals! A very bold statement about her faith and she dared to sing a song that is probably unpopular to the huge audience of a reality TV Show. Just look at the reactions in the faces of the X-factor Judges.

A caption on the the Youtube X-Factor channel commented that "Rebecca has wanted to sing this song for a very long time, so saving it for last was a very wise move." 

 If I were to vote, of course I can't coz I'm not in the UK, I would surely vote for her. I will launch a huge campaign for audience to keep her in the competition. The truth is, I like this song very much. Carrie Underwood, Stan Walker, Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton and other popular artists made this song a huge statement. Amazing Grace is the anthem of people who has experienced such an amazing encounter with God, about His love, about His mercy, and His amazing Grace.

Watching a young lady sing it to a very popular TV show surely sows seeds of faith. Let the harvest begin!

Rebecca Ferguson, you made the right decision! I salute you!

Watch video here.


A truly "amazing" performance. Thanks for posting.

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