Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Praise Him - David Crowder Band

O Praise Him (All This For A King) I'm looking for a topic to write on this blog today and I stumbled on a song in Youtube entitled "O Praise Him" by The David Crowder Band I first heard about this band back in New Zealand when they performed at the annual Parachute Music Festival usually held in Mystery Creek, Hamilton, New Zealand. If you love the new breed of christian songs, you will surely like this band from Waco, Texas. This band began when David Crowder, from Texarkana, Texas, found out that almost half of the students of Baylor University, a christian university were not attending church. He and Chris Seay started University Baptist Church (Waco, Texas) in 1995 while he was still a student. Crowder led worship there and continued to do so throughout the year. The church's congregation grew, as did the band's lineup.

The chorus goes "O Praise Him! He is holy!" Wow, a huge reminder and that's what I needed to hear today. There are time in our lives that we struggle and simply cruising along the busy-ness of our run-of-the-mill schedules. Psalms 50:23 tells us that "Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; And to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God.” When we praise, we express our gratitude for personal favors, to bring honor to His marvelous works,  to glorify Him in everything we do. "All to Christ the King" as what this song telling us to do. God has put a new song into our mouth (Psalm 40). He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen.(Deutoronomy 10:21). "It is an eternal honor to any soul to be in the friendship of God. Why are people ashamed of being thought religious? Because they know nothing of religion. He who knows his Maker may glory in his God, for without him what has any soul but disgrace, pain, shame, and perdition? How strange is it that those who fear God should be ashamed to own it, while sinners boldly proclaim their relationship to Satan!"(Adam Clarke's Bible commentary)

Enjoy this video:

Oh Praise Him Lyrics
David Crowder Band

Turn your ear to heaven and hear the noise inside
The sound of angels' awe
The sound of angel's songs
And all this for a King
We could join and sing
All to Christ the King

How constant, how divine
This song of ours will rise
Oh, how constant, how divine
This love of ours will rise, will rise

O praise Him
O praise Him
He is holy
He is holy, yeah

Turn your gaze to heaven and raise a joyous noise
The sound of salvation comes
The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a King
Angels join to sing
All for Christ our King

Oh la la la la la la
Oh la la la la la la
Oh la la la la la la la la la

How infinite and sweet
This love, so rescuing
Oh, how infinitely sweet
This great love that has redeemed
As one, we sing

He is holy
He is holy, yeah

Buy David Crowder Illuminate Album at Amazon.

David Crowder Band's new CD "Illuminate" hits the highest highs and never lets go of the excellence it portrayed in its original small release album. Those unfamiliar with DCB should know that its hallmark is creating modern worship music that rocks the house at the same time. Fused with techno-beats and returning heavy guitar sounds, the album is an excellent collection of songs that is worth getting. Sure-fire hits are: "O Praise Him", "Revolutionary Love", and "No One Like You." In addition, David Crowder's lyrics and one-of-a-kind voice never fail to inspire awe. Even more comprehensive and diverse in sound than their second album "Can You Hear Us?", "Iluminate" has plenty of songs to keep you on the ledge between sheer worship and modern rock, enjoying every moment along the way. Matthew Y. Ho Kang "foodiephotog" (Glendale, CA United States)

I had never listened to David Crowder until I saw him perform at Creation East this summer. I was blown away by his music. The lyrics are simply awesome. Since then I have purchased three of his cd's including illumination. This is a fantastic cd. I especially like Revolutionary Love, and O praise Him. Buy this Cd. It is awesome. His book Praise Habit is also really good.
Kingfox (NC)
Credit: video & Lyrics: Youtube by user ziyulu


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