Thursday, January 07, 2010

Watch Video: Sydney's $5 million Aussie Dollars New year's Eve Fireworks Display

Watch Sydney's $5 million Aussie Dollars New year's Eve fireworks display! Sydney's local news reported that a record crowd of up to 1.5 million Australians and tourists watched a massive New Year's Eve fireworks display alongside the famous Sydney's Opera House.

I didn't personally went to the fireworks display but we enjoyed watching this spectacular show on TV at our friends' house in the quiet town of Bendigo, Melbourne. Yes, we are on holiday leaving the noisy and busy street of Sydney! Anyway, Sydney was the second major world city to hold a massive New Year fireworks display next to Auckland, New Zealand was beaten to midnight by two hours by New Zealand, which staged a dramatic fireworks display from Auckland's Sky Tower.

video source: Youtube by user itnnews

photo: source


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