Monday, January 11, 2010

The Love of God

The Love of God
boundless as infinity
it is unfathomable
Yet its intensity is like thousands of sun

The Love of God
is no respecter of person
an antidote for poisonous pride
Who you are and what you do is immaterial
For you are special in God's eyes

The Love of God
brings sinners to repentance
sets the captives free
addiction, bondage, and guilt are history
Grace is the language; Forgiveness is eternity

The Love of God
fills our emptiness and inadequacies
it leads us to a life of purpose
a life well-lived, meaningful one
And that starts in a relationship with Jesus Christ

Today is the acceptable day of the Lord
Ask Jesus to come into your life
Surrender your life to Him for He can be trusted
and surely, the love of God will flow in your life abundantly.

I scribbled  this poem while I was sitting in a bench
inside a mall's playground waiting for my son to finish playing
with other kids.
Copyright by Thor, Jan 2010
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