Monday, November 23, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida : 2009 CNN Hero of the Year

Our planet is filled with heroes, young and old, rich and poor, man, woman of different colors, shapes and sizes. We are one great tapestry. Each person has a hidden hero within, you just have to look inside you and search it in your heart, and be the hero to the next one in need - Efren Peñaflorida, 2009 CNN Hero of the Year
What a great statement from a young hero! Truly, another reason for Filipinos around the world to celebrate a remarkable accomplishment of a fine young man. Efren Peñaflorida, you're the man! A true Filipino!

With his innovative “Kariton Klasrum” (pushcart classroom) that continues to bring education to poor children in the Philippines as an alternative to gang membership, Efren was named the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year. He and his Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) have  bridged poverty and education bringing about positive impact in the lives of thousands of Filipino street children in Cavite, Philippines. His team teaches young kids with basic literacy skills that includes basic mathematics, Science, and English. DTC also provides basic hygiene and care to their students.

I voted for Efren in the CNN poll. I picked him  primarily because his  accomplishments are truly remarkable, unselfish, and worthy of emulation.  Surely, Efren is a great inspiration to many especially our young people. I must emphasize that Efren is a Christian brother. In His Facebook page, he describes himself as "Simple man who loves his God most."
 To Efren and his team, I say, Mabuhay! May God continue to prosper you in all your plans!

Photo Credit: CNN

Watch Efren Peñaflorida's speech:


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