Friday, March 12, 2010

Manny Villar Among The Philippines' 20 Richest

As I was browsing the lists of the 2010 world's richest people, I stumbled on this Special Report prepared by that listed the 40 Richest Filipino as of August 2009. It is not surprising to see the names of Tycoons Henry Sy and Lucio Tan knowing that they have already dominated the number 1 and 2 positions for quite a long time. In fact, these two are among the 2010 world's Billionaires. Henry Sy ranked 201 in the world with $4.2 billion net worth while Lucio Tan  was ranked 582nd with a net worth of $1.7 billion.

Fast forward! Comes now, 2010 Presidential Election candidate Manny Villar.  He ranked 9th on the top 40 Richest Filipinos! Wow!  That's "Sipag at Tiyaga!" I do not question where Villar's wealth came from but I am more interested in the resolution of the controversial C5 project.  I can't help but question his credibility in addressing corruption in the Philippines. The Filipino voters should bear in mind that our beloved Philippines is plagued with graft and corruption, a cancer, that has been paralyzing the nation.  A notable journalist Winnie Monsod analyzed Manny Villar involvement on the C5 Project in this video.

"Villar, who is running under the Nacionalista Party (NP) banner, has spent over P120 million from February 9 to March 2 on TV advertisements alone, advocacy group Libertas said, citing figures on political advertisement spending from AGB Nielsen. The figure raises Villar’s total expenditures on political advertisements from November 1 last year to March 2 this year to over P1.3 billion, an amount almost equivalent to the TV ad expenditures of four of his competitors.

Deposed President Joseph Estrada (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino) ranked second with P88 million, followed by Sen. Benigno “Noynoy" Aquino III (Liberal Party) with P87 million and Sen. Richard Gordon (Bagumbayan) with P67.3 million."
At this time, I have no definite decision who to vote for the Philippine presidency. I need to look for that candidate whose serious agenda is to address and fight "graft and corruption" in the Philippines.

Here is the list of Philippines 20 Richest:

View complete "The Philippines' 40 Richest" special report here:


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