Thursday, March 18, 2010

Erap Belittles Pacquiao's Endorsement

A couple of days ago, I was watching ABS-CBN's "Isang Bandila" at SBS3 Channel here in Sydney and saw a news clip showing Manny Villar having a mobile conversation with Manny Pacquiao. Villar was talking in Tagalog with the words "Basta, Okay lang tayo dyan ha Manny." It seems to me that Manny Pacquaio was not excited but was just trying to speak in a gentleman's manner. Anyway, the timing was perfect knowing that Villar is trying to ride on with the victory of Pacquiao over Joshua Clottey probably to boost his campaign. Towards the end of the news clip came Dick Gordon and he said that Manny Villar must have paid Pacquiao for the endorsement. He speculated that Pacquiao cannot just endorse Villar without any monetary consideration. My question now is: How will the Filipino people welcome such political stunt? How much (if any) did Villar pay Pacquiao for the endorsement? Will the Filipino voters be influenced by Manny Pacquiao endorsement of Manny Villar?

And this is the first reaction coming from no less than former President Erap Estrada. I was browsing my news channel at Youtube and found this video posted by ABSCBN News Channel. Have your your comment...

Source: Youtube TheABSCBNNews Channel


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